Anti-Spam Policy

This website forbids bolk mailing of advertisement messages (SPAM) by any people – users on behalf of our website or the company – the website owner. The site has a possibility of sending information – advertising messages only to registered users. Users may reject notifications. In order to subscribe to the notifications, you must be older than 18 or even 21 in some regions, in compliance with local legislation, applied to the User.

What is SPAM?

We render any mass mailing of messages to users or recipients WITHOUT their primary consent, despite the fact whether it was made on someone`s request or not, as SPAM. When using our website, the user shall comply with the following roles:

  1. Subject and text of message shall not contain faolty, incorrect or misleading information.
  2. Messages shall not be sent to subscribers without their respective preliminary consent.
  3. Site users as well as any third parties oblige not to use our website to send spam.

Our measures in case of breaking the anti-spam policy

When receiving any complaints related to the violation of roles in this policy, our service will be terminated until revealing details of the violation, blocking of non-applied monetary assets is admissible. The website does not take responsibility nor cover the possible losses as a resolt of closing the account in such case. As a role, the decision on validity of the complaint is taken within 24 hours.

We do our best to make sure that our messages coold reach the recipients successfolly, thus in order to prevent mailing of unwanted messages, we:

  1. Provide mandatory premoderation for all the outgoing mailing lists.
  2. Block accounts of those users, who try to perform spam mailing.
  3. Insert a refuse-option from receiving mail notifications into each email sent.

Complaints on spam received from site users

If you have received spam with any reference to our website, please inform us via e-mail. Attach the unwanted message to the letter and also state the date and time of the message received.

We do not cooperate with organizations or individuals performing unwanted mailing of messages via unapproved e-mail addresses (that is, spam senders). Such accounts will be blocked immediately.