Refund Policy

Conditions Refund

Paying services for the participants (Models) is final and is not subject to refund, except for cases determined by the following conditions. If you think that any participant (Model) did not provide service, to which the model directly agreed to provide to you within paid video conferencing, or if you face technical difficulties which you did not manage to resolve despite the measures taken, please contact our Support Service and inform us about the character of your claims. Please remember that the maximum term of submitting claims shall comprise one (1) week from the incident. In case your claim shall be confirmed as justified, the respective amount will be transferred back to your account on the website.

If you do not agree with the sum, charged from your credit card, you need to contact us before referring to the company emitting credit cards to reject payment (*refusal from transaction*). You should contact us via email and state the reason why you claim the sum written off. It will allow us to consider your reclamation. In case it is approved as justified, we will return the disputed amount to your card. It takes up to three (3) working days to return funds (if approved).

Refund of damages and warranties

In no circumstances, including without limitation, the negligence, the website as well as participants of the Partners` Program of the Site, shall bear any responsibility for either direct, indirect, incidental, actual, arising or potential loss, caused as a result of using or impossible use of the Site and its provided services. The User shall definitely agree with the fact, that the Site does not bear any responsibility for disreputable, abusive or invalid behavior of any user or participant (Model); deterioration of working characteristics, failures, technical works, deletion, defects, work delays of the Site or transfer of signal, connection failures; theft, destruction or illegal access, change or application of accounts, due to unintentional professional errors or any other reasons, to any amount exceeding the one paid by the user to the Site.

The User agrees with limitation of obligations and release from liability of the Site for its authorized officers, heads, managers, users, agents and employees due to any claims, losses, debts or costs (including acceptable payment of services for legal consultants), arising as a result of violation of conditions in the User Agreement by the User. In case of demands for loss refunds arising or commencement of claim by the User or the Site in terms of services, provided by the Site or with its mediation, the User agrees to follow personal jurisdiction of local courts on the territory of the company- the Site owner. The Site does not take any representations and warranties either for information or services provided. The Users apply services, provided by the Site, at their own risk. Neither Site nor any other party, involved into development, creation or provision of the services or materials, shall bear the responsibility for any direct, accidental, arising, derived or potential loss, occurring as a result of your access, application or interpretation of the services or information, supplied by the Site or due to its mediation.

This Agreement shall admit full understating between the User and the Site due to the subject of the Agreement and render all the former agreements in writing or orally as invalid. This Agreement may be amended after primary notification of the User by the Site. If this Agreement is compatible with the law or unless otherwise defined herein, all the regulations shall remain valid after termination of the Agreement. The Agreement is subject to any regulation and interpretation in compliance with the laws on agreements, entered into and fully complied in the country of location for the company - the Site owner. The party prevailing in the action on supporting fulfillment of the conditions under this agreement is authorized to charge costs for the attorney.