Performer Agreement

This Agreement (hereinafter to as “the Agreement”) shall regulate the relations between the following parties: on one side [NAME OF MODEL] (hereinafter to as the Participant of online broadcast) and on the other side [NAME OF COMPANY] (hereinafter to as the Company) are the owners of the site (hereinafter to as the Site).

  1. The Model guarantees that her age is over 18 or she is full-aged according to law of the country where she lives.
  2. The Model guarantees not to provide the Company with the invalid personal information (including name and date of birth).
  3. The Model undertakes not to encourage under-age people to attend the Site.
  4. The Model undertakes to have only one account on the Site.
  5. The Model undertakes not to provide any paid services to the clients outside the payment system of the Site.
  6. The Model guarantees to take all the decisions related to her behavior during online-broadcasts on her own.
  7. The Model undertakes not to provide clients with any personal contact details, including without limitation, the following: address, telephone, ICQ, Skype, e-mail etc., as well as not to ask any contact information from clients. Subject to the first violation of the rule, the penalty shall be incurred.
  8. The Model guarantees not to demonstrate any forms of harassment, blood, porn videos of perverse form etc. It is forbidden to use obscene words, rudeness, excite hostility on the basis of gender, national, racial etc. traits. It is forbidden to provide any materials not absolutely compliant with the requirements to age check and preservation of data of part 18, section 2257 and others, the US Code or its other related standards; materials representing child porn or including any images of nudity or sexuality of persons younger than 18 (looking younger than the stated age).
  9. The Model guarantees not to give its account into disposal of third parties and not to use accounts of third parties, whether it is account of the user or the Model.
  10. The Model undertakes not to engage any people to provide escort services.
  11. The Model takes the responsibility to ensure confidentiality and restriction of access to her account and password. The Company does not bear the responsibility for any damage, losses or expenses, related to illegal use of the account.
  12. The Model agrees that the Company is entitled to use, publish, dispose, edit, make extracts or demonstrate images, chats, audio and video records for advertising needs, both on the site and outside, as well as to provide advertising materials to third parties. The Site Administration is the sole and exclusive owner of property rights to create materials and works.
  13. The Model undertakes not to use the Site to advertise any other sites as well as not to convince clients and models, registered at any other sites.
  14. The Model undertakes to inform the Company immediately about any violations of safety, such as loss, theft or illegal use of any data and services of the Company.
  15. The Model guarantees that she is not the employee, representative or contractor of the Company and undertakes not to represent herself in such capacity.

Company Requirements:

  1. Models must provide the Company with a copy of a document proving their identity: passport, driving license or other document, which confirms that the model has reached the age of majority. Clear copies of documents must be submitted to the approval of the Company Participant's account. The Company in its sole discretion may approve the registration of models on the site or to refuse registration.
  2. The Company is taking all possible measures to detect forged documents, confirming the name or age of the model ( "falsification of documents"). However, if the company has not revealed the fact of falsification and took the documents submitted, failing to determine that they are false, you should understand that the Company has adopted these documents solely for further cooperation, without being in any way implicated in the falsification of documents and not assumes no responsibility for any consequences that may arise for you or others.
  3. The Company may from time to time send emails to your registered email address or via a message center in your office model. You are required to review all such messages and read emails to get acquainted with all updates. The Company believes that the constant use of all the services and features of the site you are familiar and agree with all updates.
  4. The company assumes no responsibility for any harm or damage (including physical nature), which model may be subject to as a result of any kind of communication (by phone, by e-mail, personal meetings, etc.), and as a result the direct or indirect use of the Site or the Model of the messages sent or received by a model or other persons through the Site.
  5. The company has the right to delete your account without explanation.
  6. The Company may from time to time modify the terms of this Agreement.
  7. The company has the right to modify the Website at its own discretion.
  8. The company has the right to change the price and services, the timing of their actions.

The company provides the following services model:

  1. The company provides video / audio / text chat system communication (hereinafter - chat system.
  2. The company provides a complete and current statistics on earnings over the past month in the accounts (hereinafter - Account) model.
  3. The company offers users a virtual means of payment (hereinafter - Loans) for the specified in the purchase price. Users pay for services using models of credit, based on the price set by the Model. All models of earnings calculated in credits.

The basic rules of the chat:

  1. The Models are forbidden to exchange any personal and contact details with clients (addresses, telephones, ICQ, Skype, e-mail etc.).
  2. The Model is forbidden to ask for contact information from client. If a client offers his contact information, the model must refuse. In case of first violation the penalty is incurred, at repeated case the chatroom of the model will be closed with retained unpaid balance.
  3. The Model is allowed to block impolite visitors in her chatroom. In case of repeated reasons of blocking, the Model undertakes to contact the Site Administration to solve the issue.
  4. The Model is not allowed to disclose or use private information about the client (for example, his private data, session details, amount paid, etc.) even if this information was voluntarily announced by the client.
  5. It is strictly forbidden to broadcast the primary recorded video-materials.
  6. In Online-mode it is forbidden to come out of shot for more than 20 seconds. At lasting absence of the model in a open room, the room will disconnect from the broadcast and the model will receive a warning. After receiving two warnings with subsequent violation, the model will receive a fine. If you need to leave the shot for more than 20 seconds, it is necessary to switch off broadcast for that time.
  7. It is forbidden to misinform the users (including, to promise certain acts in private chat, but without their execution as well as to promise the primary unperformed actions).
  8. The Model is allowed to stay in chat together with other models but only if another model is also registered as a separate model on our site.
  9. It is forbidden to place any foreign photos and other materials in the account, with no rights assigned. The violation is punished with penalty.
  10. To start work, the model shall fill in her form and upload at least one photo.
  11. If the model has two warnings for violating the rules, the third warning is punished with penalty. At subsequent violation the account of model may be closed at all at the discretion of the administration.